EU Plug Universal 30W Power Wall Plug-in Adapter with 5V 2.1A USB Port PC2581

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1. Brand new and high quality.
2. This is a universal power supply for all your pedals, effects, wireless receivers and more.
3. Features include worldwide input, regulated output in multiple voltages, six adapter plugs and more.
4. This adaptor is designed to supply power where and when you need it.
5. With selectable DC output up to 12 volts and plugs to fit most small electronic devices, it replaces a box full of batteries.
6. It gives a universal regulated switching mode supply with selectable AC Input 110 to 240V AC (so with an electrical plug adapter it will work anywhere in the world).
7. It has selectable DC Outputs: 3/4.5/5/6/7.5/9/12V.
8. The charger also includes 6 detachable DC output plugs, so that it will fit almost all DC input sockets. (2.5*0.7mm, 3.0*1.1mm, 3.5*13.5mm, 3.5*15mm, 5.0*2.1mm, 5.5*2.5mm)
9. Used for battery chargers, printers, games consoles and many other appliances.
10. Compatible for: Mobile phone, Tablet PC, Camera, router and other device.
11. Not compatible with laptop or other high power equipment, not compatible with Over 30W Devices and the Polarity could not be reversed.


Material : Fireproof ABS, PC
Cable length : 1.2m

Warranty : 3 Months

Package Includes :
1 x EU Plug Universal 30W Power Wall Plug-in Adapter with 5V 2.1A USB Port Cable Length 1.2m

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