AC Laptop Power Adapter 19V 4.74A 90W for HP COMPAQ Notebook Output 5.5 x 2.5mm S-LA-2208A

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High quality, Brand new, exactly AC power charger adapter for your laptop.

1) Input: AC100 - 240V 1.5A 50-60Hz

2) Output: 19V 4.74A

3) Output power: 90W

4) Output Tips: 5.5 x 2.5mm

5) Compatible Laptop Models: Hp Compaq, Presario 2100 series ,100, 2100ap, 2100ca, 2100la, 2100us, 2101ap, 2101us, 2102ap, 2102ea, 2102us, 2103ap, 2103ea, 2104ap, 2104us, 2105ap, 2105ca, 2105ea, 2105la, 2105us, 2106ap, 2106ea, 2106us, 2107ap, 2107ea, 2108ea, 2108us, 2109ea, 2110ap, 2110ca, 2110ea, 2110la, 2110us, 2111ap, 2111ea, 2112ap, 2112ea, 2113ap, 2114ap, 2114ea, 2115ap, 2115ea, 2116ap, 2117ap, 2117ea, 2118ad, 2118ea, 2119ea, 2120ad, 2120ap, 2120ea, 2120la, 2122ad. 2123ad, 2123ap, 2124ad, 2124ap, 2125ac, 2125ad , 2125ap, 2125ea 2126ac, 2126ad, 2126ea, 2127ac, 2127ad, 2127ea, 2128ac, 2128ad, 2128ea, 2129ad, 2129ea, 2130ac, 2130ad, 2130ap, 2130ea, 2131ac, 2131ad , 2131ea, 2132ac, 2132rs, 2133ac, 2133ad, 2133ap, 2133ea, 2134ad, 2134ea, 2135ac, 2135ad, 2135ap, 2135ca, 2135ea, 2135us, 2136ac, 2136ad, 2136ea, 2136rsh, 2137ac, 2137ad, 2137ea, 2138ac, 2138ad, 2138ea, 2139ac, 2139ad, 2140ac, 2140ad, 2140ap, 2140ca, 2140us, 2141ac, 2141ad, 2141ea, 2142ea, 2143ad, 2143ap, 2144ad, 2144ea, 2145ad, 2145ap, 2145ca, 2145ea, 2145us, 2146ad, 2146ea, 2147ad, 2147ea, 2148ad, 2148ea, 2149ad, 2149ea, 2150ap, 2150us, 2151ad, 2151ea, 2153ap, 2154ap, 2154ea, 2155, 2155ea, 2155us, 2156ea, 2158ea, 2160ea, 2161ea, 2161us, 2162ea, 2162us, 2163ea, 2164ea, 2165ea, 2166ea, 2167ea, 2169ea, 2170us, 2172ea, 2173ea, 2175ea, 2175us, 2186rs, 2188cl, 2190us, 2195, 2195us, 2199us


Compatible with
HP:  430

Warranty : 1 Month

Package Includes :
1 x EU Plug AC Adapter 19V 4.74A 90W for HP COMPAQ Notebook (5.5 x 2.5mm)

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